The Adnami Attention Score expands scope to include standard display

Adnami VP of Product & Marketing, Thomas From, tell us about the company’s expansion of their attention metric for standard display and what’s next.  

Thomas From Why release attention measurement for standard display? 

We initially developed the Adnami Attention Score to provide and efficient and affordable way for our clients to truly understand the value of high impact advertising. Since then, our model has been adopted and accepted by many clients as an easy way to evaluate performance in a more evolved way than looking at viewability or clicks, especially for campaigns focusing on the mid and upper parts of the funnel. 

This has shown us that there is a clear demand for an attention measurement model that is simple and easy to use and understand, and that works across both high impact and standard display.  

Tell us a little bit about the attention measurement for standard display. 

Let’s start off by clarifying that this is not a new model, but rather the same model being used in a new application. Our attention measurement model relies on signals that can be measured or predicted on an impression level which eliminates the need to create format specific custom models and or studies. Eliminating the need for custom models makes the implementation and handling easier, which in turn makes measurement at scale a lot easier.   

What are the benefits for your clients? 

All marketeers share one common goal – getting the most effect out of their budgets. Having a consolidated view and way of measuring high impact and standard display which uses the same methodology enables marketers to optimise budget allocations between both media groups. This setup in turn ensures marketers are getting the most value from their ad spend.  

Attention for display in article

Why host standard banners with Adnami? 

This touches on the above point as well in that hosting standard banners with Adnami helps make things easier and allows you keep all of your media in one place. Our attention measurement is automatically enabled for all creatives hosted in Adnami, including both high impact and standard display.  

Also, if all creatives and formats are in the Adnami platform there are various other benefits and features that can be taken advantage of and applied. Some of those include the dynamic feeds function for building DCO banners, the creative optimisation feature which enables you to maximise performance by showing your best performing creatives and also the extended validation features

What’s next for Adnami in terms of attention? 

For Adnami, the future of attention metrics is not just about measurement but about driving real value. We're committed to enhancing our platform to not only track and measure campaign performance but also to enable our clients to leverage this data effectively. 

To do this we are also working on ways to make our attention data more easily accessible by making it available outside of the Adnami platform. Doing so would provide our clients with a more seamless and holistic view of campaign performance by merging our attention data with any additional performance metrics. Another project we have in the works is to make it easy to automatically track all creatives at a DSP or ad server level. Together these initiatives will help to make it quick and easy to both collect data and have it available where it makes the most sense for our clients. 

Outside of our immediate offerings we’re participating in broader industry efforts to standardise attention metrics by taking part in discussions through organisations like The Attention Council.