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In Adnami we have developed, improved and certified the most popular and best performing rich media formats. Our templated solutions support dynamic creatives and responsive designs that deliver.

Attention grabbing

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We help advertisers and agencies deliver attention grabbing high impact campaigns at scale. Fully transparent - fully programmatic. High advertising done right!

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In 2020, we saw a significant rise in advertisers using high impact formats for theircampaigns on

Thomas Lue Lytzen 

Director of Ad Sales & Tech, 
Ekstra Bladet

Adnami enable us to delivering high impact advertising programmatically that generates us as an agency great operational efficiencies.


Mette Schnor Bailey

Digital Director, Publicis

Adnami enables us at Danske Spil to run high impact formats, such as wallpapers and midscrolls, at a scale that hasn’t been possible before.


Peter Møller 

Head of Digital Marketing, Danish Lotteries

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