What if digital advertising wasn't restricted to little square boxes?

Our technology and solutions enable high impact advertising that go far outside the box.​



The creative execution contributes with 56% of all sales generated from digital advertising

We believe....

Brands are built on the basis of high impact creatives, unfolding amazing ad experiences.


But don’t take our word for it. According to a study by Nielsen Institute, the creative execution contributes a whopping 56% of sales generated from digital advertising.


Beyond doubt, high impact advertising is the most efficient form of digital advertising. But it not only moves brands – it is also beneficial for publishers and users.


The problem we solve

Up to 90% of digital advertising today is traded programmatically via global marketing platforms, but those platforms do not support for high impact creatives to be effectively transacted.  

Our solutions relieve marketeers from unscalable, inefficient and time-consuming workflows, which prevent agencies and advertisers from shifting digital advertising spend from traditional display to high impact campaigns.

We Establish the Standard

Before Adnami there were no standards for High Impact Advertising


Imagine if High Impact Advertising was just as easy as standard display

Full control and transparency - obviously!

With Adnami’s proprietary solution, advertisers and publishers can seamlessly trade high impact advertising at scale - just as easily as they are used to with standard display.


We are not a network. With Adnami you get full control and transparency over your campaign, which can be delivered from your preferred marketing platform.


The opportunity for marketers is to truly unlock the benefits of high impact advertising.


Increased Effectiveness

Premium ad experiences in premium environments deliver great results that move people and brands. 


Operational efficiencies

Running high impact campaigns without standardisation requires intensive work on both the publisher and agency side. We fix that.


Reliable Technology

With Adnami you get a simple to use and reliable tech solution to power your high impact campaigns.


Reduced Costs and Fees

Adnami carries the technical heavy lifting against a minor fee, so you can focus on your objectives. Executing amazing campaigns. 


Trusted by the best


Siebren Oostwoud
Head of Programmatic - Benjamin Media

Being Adnami certified, we can easily deliver high impact campaigns  programmatically


Peter Doe 
Head of Programmatic - Aller Media

 We are very pleased with

Adnami’s high impact solutions.

The product works seamlessly and the team is always ready to help with any matter.



Stefan Jin Hansen 
Head of Amnet Denmark

Adnami's solutions make it much easier for us to execute high impact campaigns across multiple publishers programmatically.

Certified across the board

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