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Once a site is certified our technology automatically enables for activation across almost any ad tech.

Same applies for our element tags. The tag is reusable across all certified sites.


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Creative Team

We offer a full creative solution covering creative adaptions to productions from raw asssets. All optimized for programmatic high impact delivery.

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We optimize the programmatic infrastructure, enabling efficient and smooth delivery of your campaigns. 


With our reach across publishers and advertisers we have the fastest go-to-market onboarding of new products.


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High Impact Templates

Enjoy suite of optimised and efficient templates for high impact advertising.


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Macro Certification

Element Creation


We perform a custom certification for each domain for our high impact templates. When the certification is complete the site is enabled across almost any technolgoy.

We create tags for serving based on creative assets. Our element tags works with almost any buying technology.

The element tag is booked in either DSP or adserver and the same tag is ready to run across all certified media reducing the need for site specific campaign activities.




Benefiting the Ecosystem

Cost Savings

Running high impact campaigns from creative production to exchange and hosting fees across the traffic and campaign execution

Reuse the Certification

Across all DSPs and adservers


High impact advertising requires trust and transparency across the entire programmatic supply chain

Personal Support

Experts helping at any stage of the programmatic high impact advertising infrastructure and delivery

Reusable. Easy.

Our Technology Is Certified Across the Board

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Satisfied Agencies

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Our Solution

Bridging the gap between advertiser and publisher, Adnami enables the smooth transaction of branding campaigns directly between buyer and seller. Our solution allows for the execution of campaigns via the open exchange, private marketplaces and programmatic / automated guaranteed deal types




Adserver tag manager and high impact enabler

Flexible and efficient templates for serving high impact ads

Our technology is trusted

Enable domains for selling programmatic and direct high impact formats

Centrally update and manage the macro – and use across any tech

Custom certification for maximum quality and load times

Fast load and secure delivery with no delivery issues

Only create one element to run across all sites – reduces production and booking time

Managed creative tag service for best performance and use of templates






no tech issues

no creative issues

enables your tech

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