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The idea for Adnami arose in Copenhagen in 2017, when the media house Concept, together with an affiliated tech developer to the company, saw the opportunity to streamline the purchase and delivery of high impact advertising. A process that’s usually quite complex and time-demanding. From the beginning, ambitions has been set high: let’s simplify high impact advertising globally.

During the first 24 months focus was on developing a product that was scalable to all certified medias around the world, while removing the many problems that advertisers experience when it comes to high impact advertising. The appointment of Simon Kvist Gaulshøj as CEO in March 2019, speeded up the commercial side of activities, and in just 18 months, Adnami reached 25,000+ domains certified on the platform and became strongly represented in the Nordic region and UK, with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, London, Hamburg and Paris.

Every month, over 1,000 high impact campaigns are delivered via Adnami’s platform for iconic advertisers such as SaxoBank, BMW, Volvo, DanskeSpil and many others. Abroad is calling for Adnami, and especially in the Covid-19 period, we have seen a growing interest from large and medium-sized publishers and media houses across the world. Our formats and technology is already used in several European countries but we’ve also dipped our feet outside via collaborations in Southeast Asia and South America (stay tuned for more information).

Founded 2017

Founded 2017

The technology behind Adnami was founded in 2017 in Copenhagen by the media house Concept

Launched 2019

Launched 2019

In 2019, Adnami was officially launched as its own entity

7 Offices

Today we have offices in Copenhagen, Oslo, Hamburg, Helsinki, London, Paris and Stockholm but operate globally

60+ employees

We have 60+ employees and keep on growing monthly!

7 billion impressions

In the last 12 months, more than 7 billion impressions ran using our technology

1,500+ brands

More than 1,500 brands used Adnami for high impact advertising in the last 12 months

Management Team


Simon Kvist Gaulshøj



Carl Söderblom



Jørgen Gosvig



Thomas Bue Schultz



Peter Østrem

Chief Sales Officer


Thomas From

VP of Product & Marketing

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