We are a High Impact Advertising technology vendor

Our mission is to create a global publisher standard for

high impact advertising


We enable you

To unlock a new programmatic revenue stream by selling ad experiences that 

stand out from the clutter

A global
publisher standard

Our high impact advertising solution creates a global cross-publisher standard, facilitating for scale, operational efficiencies and incremental revenues for all publishers in the alliance.

Friends with everyone

We are technology agnostic and determined to make our solutions work seamlessly across all platforms


Our solutions are globally certified across the leading demand-side platforms



Increased Effectiveness

Premium ad experiences in premium environments deliver great results that move people and brands. 


Operational efficiencies

Running high impact campaigns without standardisation requires intensive work on both the publisher and agency side. We fix that.


Reliable Technology

With Adnami you get a simple to use and reliable tech solution to power your high impact campaigns.


Reduced Costs and Fees

Adnami carries the technical heavy lifting against a minor fee, so you can focus on your objectives. Executing amazing campaigns. 


Our proprietary Connect Solution enables seamless transaction of high impact campaigns directly between buy and sell side


Macro tag: 

Our macro tag is embedded on all certified publisher sites and is responsible for activating the high impact templates and site-specific style sheets.


Element tag: 

Our element tag is responsible for ensuring correct delivery of the right high impact creative.

We Establish the Standard

We bring control, transparency, and standardization to

high impact advertising.

Trusted by the best


Siebren Oostwoud
Head of Programmatic - Benjamin Media

Being Adnami certified, we can easily deliver high impact campaigns  programmatically


Peter Doe 
Head of Programmatic - Aller Media

 We are very pleased with

Adnami’s high impact solutions.

The product works seamlessly and the team is always ready to help with any matter. 






Stefan Jin Hansen 

Head of Amnet Denmark

Adnami's solutions make it much easier for us to execute high impact campaigns across multiple publishers programmatically.

Certified across the board

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


We provide a powerful toolkit that is really easy to implement

Get started today

Our on-boarding team provides custom certification of our rich media templates on each website using our technology.


This quality assurance is an integral part of ensuring that both advertisers and publishers can rest assured the rich media creatives always behave as intended.

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