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Repurpose your social media assets to create engaging and high-performing display ads. Familiar look-and-feel. Easy to set up and get started.


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Repurpose your social media assets in a new context

A cross-channel medium that allows you to combine the highly interactive, engaging nature of social media creative with the more traditional discipline of direct display and programmatic advertising.

Available through your DSP, fully programmatic

Publisher, tech & device agnostic

No extra creative production, ready in seconds

Increased brand-safety


Familiar and highly engaging display format

Social display ads look like a faithful recreation of a social media post, and can be produced to reflect familiar formats such as Facebook and Instagram Stories, as well as standard social feed posts.

Highly engaging with familiar look-and-feel

Reduce dependency on social, move ad spend to popular publishers

Supports image, video an html5 assets. Add your brand elements


By using Adnami’s social display templates, you can move ad spend to content and news producing publishers, and reduce dependency on social. See more benefits below.


Supports programmatic campaign goals


Repurpose exciting creative assets


Familiar and engaging format


Attention grabbing and reduces banner blindness

Did you know...

Studies show that social display ads sees a increase in CTR with 165% compared to regular display banner ads.

Source: Calzedonia 

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