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Validation report feature

Discover how Adnami's validation report can streamline your workflow and creative process by empowering you to identify and resolve potential issues before your banners go live.

What is the validation report?

Before a creative is launched, Adnami performs a number of checks to identify issues that can cause errors or reduce the performance of a creative. This is done in the form of the Validation Report which is automatically generated on all creatives and aims to ensure optimal performance and error-free display across all screen sizes. 


Watch the video below to see the Validation Report in action!


Please note: The validation report is generated automatically on all creatives. It is optional to review the validation report, you do not need to review the report in order to push your banners live.


Accessing the validation report

After uploading and configuring your banner, you will find the validation report in the same location as the "Tag" section within the Adnami platform.


Key features of the validation report

1. View how your ad will on different screen sizes

A common issue within creative design is that banners are often designed on a high resolution screen but run on smaller screens. This increases the risk of images being cropped or CTA’s not being in view.

The validation report provides visibility into how your banner will render on various screen sizes, in turn minimising the risk of cropping or obscured CTAs.

The selection of screen sizes represent the most used screens and screenshots are produced using a Chrome browser.

2. Banner size

A banner often uses many 3rd party resources like fonts, tracking, assets and more. It can be difficult to keep track of various 3rd party resources but with the validation report you have visibility into all the 3rd party resources being used in your banner which can help you to:

  • Optimise content load.
  • Understand what trackers are being used
  • Conduct a privacy review

What is first content load?
In the context of Adnami, "First Content Load" is the measurement of data loaded from a banner within the first 2.5 seconds.

If the banner loads content after 2.5 seconds, the total banner load will exceed the First Content Load. Any content loaded after 2.5 seconds will not be included in the First Content Load (eg. Streamed videoes)

3. Shareable reports

There are multiple people involved in executing campaigns, not all of which have access to the Adnami suite, which is why we’ve made the validation report shareable. Easily send a link to stakeholders who need to see and address identified issues, ensuring a smooth campaign execution process.


Have any more questions about the validation report? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly experts at support@adnami.io