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Tele2 gets higher attention
and recall with Adnami's high impact formats

ITechnology Interview with Simon Kvist Gaulshøj CEO at Adnami

4.3x more attention

With the Adnami Mobile Topscroll compared to the MPU and 2.6x higher than the 320x480

42% ad recall

With Adnami Mobile Topscroll compared to 18% and 20% on the 320x480 and the MPU.

2.9x longer view-time

On average, people looked at the Topscroll 2.9x longer than the other formats.

Tele2 >

Industry: Telecommunications

Country: Sweden

Formats: Adnami Topscroll, Adnami Midscroll, MPU

Device: Mobile


Study by Lumen Research.



Tele2’s vision is to be the smartest telco in the world, enabling a society of unlimited possibilities. Since they were founded in 1993, they have continued to challenge prevailing norms and dusty monopolies with its fast networks that enable mobile and fixed connectivity, telephony, data network services, TV, streaming and global IoT solutions for millions of customers.

The need for innovation and brand marketing is high in this ever-changing, competitive industry. Tele2 has been a client to Adnami since 2020, with campaigns running across several creative high impact formats. In 2022, Tele2 agreed to be part of an attention study conducted by Lumen Research and Adnami, to learn more about the drivers of attention and how it differs by advertising format. This article will present the findings from that study.

Research overview

Responder recruitment and methodology

For this study, 300 respondents living in Sweden (all 18+) were recruited online and placed into a single monadic group. They accessed Lumen software via their computer which turned their devices into an eye-tracking camera.

To obtain ‘live’ engagement data, all groups were exposed to three webpage articles. Across the articles, each respondent saw a Tele2 ad as either an Adnami Topscroll, 320x480 or as a MPU. All respondents then answered spontaneous, prompted and product recall questions. Respondents were then shown the Tele2 Adnami Topscroll ad in-isolation and asked about brand consideration and usage.

Formats tested in the study

In this study, Lumen Research tested three different digital formats; an Adnami Topscroll, 320x480 format, and an MPU.

The same creative was used for each format. This allows us to remove the creative as a confounding variable in the analysis, putting the focus back on the formats themselves as drivers of attention and it’s subsequent impact.

Adnami Mobile Topscroll
Picture 1_tele2_1

Testing the ads in context

Below is an example of in-context exposure from one group which saw three webpage articles with a mix of different ads. The webpages were fully scrollable content clickable, and ads un-muteable. They were not recordings of webpages.

Picture 1_tele2-1
Picture 2_tele2

Key findings

Adnami’s Topscroll got significantly more attention than the standard display formats

The eye-tracking data predicted that Tele2 would generate over 4.3x more attention with an Adnami Topscroll vs. either a standard display 320x480 or MPU digital ad format.

Adnami’s Topscroll generated significantly more recall than standard display

Greater attention is linked to higher recall – because of this spontaneous and prompted recall of Tele2 was higher for the Adnami Topscroll than the standard display formats.


The Topscroll was viewed significantly longer

On average, once the formats were viewed, participants looked at the Topscroll significantly longer than the standard display formats. Once viewed, the Adnami Topscroll format was viewed for 4.1 seconds on average: which is 2.2x longer than the 320x480 format, and 2.9x longer than the MPU.

Attention most similar to Youtube

Tele2’s Adnami Topscroll is predicted to generate 3,891 seconds of “eyes-on” attention for every 1000 impressions served. Once viewed, the Topscroll outperformed both standard display formats; gaining 2.6x more attention than the 320x480 format and 4.3x more attention than the MPU. The 320x480 and MPU formats both performed in line with expectations respectively.

Attentive seconds per '000 impressions compared to other media channels



Recall was significantly higher for the Topscroll

Respondents were significantly more likely to recall seeing a Tele2 ad after exposure to the Adnami Topscroll format. Spontaneous recall was 6x higher for the Topscroll compared to the MPU and 4.5x higher than the 320x480.

With Adnami we increased the likelihood of cutting through the noise with our display advertising in Q4, which for most advertisers is a key period. Today we see Adnami as a strong player in our media mix when it comes to building brand awareness and creating tactical offers.
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Leandro Odergard

Digital Media Manager Tele2

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