Employee Spotlight Series | Ed. 1

Welcome to the first of our Employee Spotlight series at Adnami! Each month we will introduce our readers to a few of the driven, passionate and talented individuals who are responsible for making Adnami’s mission of improving the effectiveness of digital advertising a reality. 

There have been a lot of fresh new faces joining the Adnami family from all over the world since securing our series A funding in August. To kick off our Employee Spotlight series we will introduce some of our newest team members who have already been making waves.

First you'll meet Jessica Lord, Graphic Designer, who comes to us from Ireland where she was completing a higher diploma in visual communications. Next we have Uno Weng, Agency Sales Manager, who is an admitted ​​#GadgetGeek and sits in our Stockholm office. Finally there is Martina Alvarellos who moved to Copenhagen in March all the way from Argentina and loves to travel - anywhere.

Employee spotlight_Jess

Q: How long have you worked at Adnami and what’s your favourite part about working here?

I moved to Copenhagen from Ireland in August and have been at Adnami now for almost 4 months. I would say that the people and the constant learning exchange that you’re surrounded by are some of the best parts about working here.

Q: What’s something that people don’t know about you?

I love singing and writing music.

Q: What’s been your favourite project so far at Adnami?

Developing the brand identity and planning its roll out across our website, platforms and communication.

Q: What’s your happy place in Ireland?

Going for a dip in the sea in my hometown Bray.

Employee spotlight_Uno

Q: How long have you worked at Adnami and what is it like working here?

I’ve worked at Adnami for about 4 months and so far it’s great! The people are amazing and it truly feels like everyone is part of the Adnami team and contributing no matter where in the world they are based. It’s also fantastic to feel the flat hierarchy where everybody is just a call or text away.

Q: What show are you currently binge watching?

I’m currently watching Silicon Valley (again).

Q: What do you like most about what we do here at Adnami?

Simplifying the way high impact is done for advertisers as well as publishers. Also, educating the industry about the importance of attention.

Q: What’s something on your bucket list?

Going on a safari adventure and seeing the BIG 5 with my own two eyes.

Employee spotlight_Martina

Q: How long have you worked at Adnami and what is it like working here?

I’ve been at Adnami for about 4 months but I’ve only been in Copenhagen since March of this year after I moved from Argentina. Even though it’s been only a few months, it's great! The people here are so nice and there’s always a new challenge. 

Q: What’s something that people don’t know about you?

I "worked" as an extra in a Danish Netflix series. Where is my Oscar award?

Q: How would you describe Adnami’s company culture?

Warm, welcoming, open-minded, inclusive, flexible, funny, supportive.

Q: What hashtags describe your personality best?

#dance #smiley #foodlover #catlover #chill #sarcastic #verygoodsixthsense