Improve your Video Advertising with Top-Performing Video Formats

Our video formats are optimized for capturing user attention and driving engagement. All our formats include video tracking and reporting. Available programmatic to support campaign goals.

Used by world leading advertisers

Innovative, attention-grabbing video formats

Accelerate the effectiveness of your video advertising. Our video formats are optimized for capturing user attention and outperforms standard display benchmarks.

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    Available through your DSP, fully programmaticicons
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    Publisher, tech & device agnostic
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    Lowest cost per attentive second (avg. 10x more attention)

Several formats and extensive video reporting

Powerful video streaming technology, a range of impactful formats and templates as well as tracking of video metrics. Our formats support video reporting such as quartiles, completes, vtr and time.

  • Use video in any format, topscrolls, midscrolls, skins and display
  • Ready-made templates to get started immediately
  • Track and report viewability, views, quartiles, completes and VTR

Integrated with SeenThis for adaptive HD streaming

As an additional feature, we've built an API integration to our partner SeenThis for clients that are interested in adaptive HD' streaming. Get better quality, faster streaming and more efficient video advertising.

No size limits

No file size limit. Adapted for bandwidth and device/browser

HD quality

Instant ad views and HD quality

Faster streaming

SeenThis is available as an additional feature, reach out for more information.

High attention

Attention grabbing and reduces banner blindness.

Did you know...

...that 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.
Source: Optimonster

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