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Annalect and Concept X analysis proved high impact formats can generate more RROI than social media and standard display

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In collaboration with Concept X, Annalect conducted a meta-analysis to investigate the ability of high impact formats to drive RROI.

Research Overview

Annalect is a global speciality services company specialising in delivering data-driven capabilities proven to drive better marketing outcomes for their clients. 

The data basis for this media analysis measured 5,000+ campaigns from 2018-2023 with a total media investment of €442,621,387 (3.3bn DKK). These campaigns included 28 brands spanning across various industries including among others – fitness and leisure, finance and insurance, travel and transport, telecommunications, automotive and retail. 

Methodology and strategy

& Strategy

This analysis compared high impact formats to both standard display and social media across desktop and mobile. The high impact formats included Adnami’s Topscroll, Midscroll (interscroll) and Skin formats. These were measured against all standard display formats and ad spots on the largest social media platforms.

To ensure comparable results across industries and advertisers all previous model results were converted to Revenue ROI (RROI) with conversion based on obtained industry prices.

Performance & Results

Annalect’s analysis found that high impact formats generated the best efficiency on the investment (highest RROI). This is because the effect per impression is higher compared to both standard banners and social media.

  • High impact’s effect per impression was 4.3x higher than standard banners and 1.4x higher than social media.

  • High impact produced the highest indexed RROI and drove 24% of the category’s sales uplift.

The analysis also found that all high impact formats created more impact per impression than social and standard display. 

  • Midscroll created 60% better RROI versus social media due to lower cost per impression, it also created a 78% better RROI than standard display.

  • Midscroll’s effect was 3.9x greater than standard display and 1.3x greater than social.

  • The double height Midscroll format was 5.4x and 1.7x more effective than standard display and social respectively and generated the highest RROI.

Summary and Key Takeaways

The lower cost high impact formats continued to deliver high effect and as a result delivered the best value for money. Furthermore, the high impact formats also won more investment and took market share from social media. Of all high impact formats, Midscroll proved to be the most cost effective and lifted the overall performance for the high impact formats.

For a more detailed overview of the analysis download the results here

High impact is becoming an increasingly larger part of media investments as we move away from cookies. We're seeing that high impact formats can significantly outperform standard banners and social media in driving RROI. These results underscore the efficiency and effectiveness of high impact ads and prove they can compete with both standard display and social.

Jens Holm

CEO & Founder Concept X