Mobile Topscroll HTML5

An option for the Mobile Topscroll format, that allows for the creation of a custom HTML5 topscroll using the Zip-file upload, or via a third-party tag.




Format Specs

Recommended artwork size: 1080x1920

Must be built as responsive HTML, so that all content scales and resizes to fit the width and height of the window.

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Getting hands on with responsive HTML5 


Ad Viewport

This format has a viewport width of 100%, and depending on the preferences of the publisher, either 50%, 80% or 100% of the screen height. The most common viewport height is 80%.

Safe zones

To maximize compatibility across publisher sites, avoid placing any important content at the very bottom (text, logos, CTA’s etc), as they may be overlapped by publisher page elements.

Format description and guidance

Topscroll is a high impact responsive format that appears at the top of a publisher page (before page content). It must be built so that all the imagery and content scales to fit the browser window. It is typically served to appear at 80% of the available browser window height, but can be up to 100% (dependent on publisher). For more information about building responsive creative, check out our Guide to Responsive HTML and building responsive creative guide.

All creative assets (images, videos, scripts etc) used by your banner must be included within the creative Zip-file. Linking to assets hosted on external severs is not permitted, and may result in your ad being blocked by some vendors. The only exception to this rule is for webfonts hosted by fonts libraries for licensing purposes, such as Adobe Typekit, Google Fonts, MyFonts etc.

Max total file weight

3.5 MB.
For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimized to the lowest possible file weight.


Maximum of 5 loops.
Maximum animation time 30 seconds (may vary by publisher).

Asset type

Responsive HTML5 (either Adnami hosted by sharing a zip-file or served via 3rd party tags).
HTML must be minified and optimized for polite load.

Click tags and tracking

For Adnami hosted creatives, see our clicktags and tracking guide. 
To enable video tracking metrics, see our API for measuring VTR guide.
For creatives hosted using 3rd party tags, use the appropriate click methods and trackers for that provider examples.


Any audio must be user-initiated.