Desktop Topscroll Video

A banner template for the Desktop Topscroll format, that allows for the easy creation of a simple topscroll creative, using just a video. For best results, images should be created using our Safe Zone Tool.


Advance Music Technology

Format Specs

1920x1080, MP4 (Optimised for web)

Format description and guidance

To create a Desktop Video Topscroll, create a new Desktop Topscroll, and then select “Video” as the Banner type. Set your landing page as the Click URL, and upload your Video.

To ensure correct scaling of images with this format, set Video Sizing to “Letterbox”, and set Video Alignment to “Top”.

Additional options allow for audio to be enabled (via a mute/unmute button), a background to be configured (for when the video doesn’t completely fill the screen), and it is strongly recommended to include a static endframe to safeguard against suspended auto-play. Read more about endframes here and ensure your ad never appears blank! 

Ad Viewport

The creative video fills the width and height of the screen. However, only a portion of it will be visible at any given time and will be revealed as you scroll (known as the viewport). This format has a viewport width of 100%, and depending on the preferences of the publisher, either 50%, 80% or 100% of the screen height. The most common viewport height is 80%.


In order to ensure key content elements (messaging, logos, CTAs etc) are visible across all screens and devices, please follow the guidelines on the validation tool: Safe Zone Tool.

Note: These recommended safezones are for the default creative height of 80% - for creative heights less than 80%, then the safezones should be adjusted proportionally. See additional guidance below.

Guidance for different viewport heights

Our specs and safezones are designed around our default "80%" height topscroll, however it's important to always check whether any of the publishers on your plan have restrictions on creative height before starting to design your creative. See our recommendations below for creating assets for different creative heights:

Creative HeightAsset SizeSafezone
100%1920x108085% from top
80% (default)1920x108065% from top
50%1920x54090% from top
30%1920x54055% from top

Max total file weight

1MB recommended, (max 3.5MB)

For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimized to the lowest possible file weight.