Seamless Skin (Image/Video)

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Recommended default creative dimensions

Skin Background

  • Background Asset:
    2560x1440px (JPG) or 1920x1080px (MP4)
  • Side Overlays (optional):
    Maximum size of 800x1440px (PNG with transparent background)

Top Banner (optional)

  • 930x180px* (JPG, MP4 or HTML5)

*Top banner size varies by country:

DK: 930x180px, FI: 1000x400px, NO: 1000x300px, SE: 1000x240px, UK: 970x250px.

Top banner dimensions can also vary from publisher to publisher. You should always confirm specs with the publishers on your plan before creating skin assets.

Format description and guidance

A template that allows for the easy creation of a seamless responsive skin creative. The format consists of a background asset (image or video) that covers the whole screen. Optional responsive overlays containing static branding and messaging elements can be added to the sides of the skin, that automatically scale to adapt to different screen sizes.

The top banner of the skin is optional - it can either be incorporated as part of the design of the background asset, or else supplied as a separate image/video/HTML banner. 

Avoid placing any text or logos near the sides or edges of the background asset, as they may be cropped on smaller screens. It is recommended to keep all "key" elements (logos, messaging, CTA etc) on the overlay assets. Otherwise, use the safe zones defined on our image skin validation tool. A white box will automatically be added behind the page content, so there is no need to include this on your background asset.

The specs for the format are flexible, allowing the size and position of the overlays to be customized. For best results, export the overlay assets without any excess empty space around the edges - this allows the template to handle the overlay scaling and placement more effectively.

Max total file weight

3.5 MB.

For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimized to the lowest possible file weight. We recommend using to compress PNG overlays.

Click tags and tracking

The template supports two separate clickURL & trackers - one for the main skin body, and another for the top banner.



Supported 3rd party providers

Campaign Manager 360, Adform, Sizmek, Adjust

Supported Ad Verification

Adnami supports impression and viewability tracking from 3rd party providers, such as IAS, MOAT, DoubleVerify & Userneeds.