Seamless Skin (HTML5)

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Recommended default creative dimensions

2560x1440px (Responsive HTML5)

Top Banner (optional):
930x180px* (JPG, MP4 or HTML5)

*Top banner size varies by country:
DK: 930x180px, FI: 1000x400px, NO: 1000x300px, SE: 1000x240px, UK: 970x250px.

Top banner dimensions can also vary from publisher to publisher. You should always confirm specs with the publishers on your plan before creating skin assets.

Format description and guidance

This template allows for the creation of a HTML5 skin, as a single creative. The skin must be built as responsive HTML5 with the width and height set to 100%, so that it scales responsively based on the size of the browser. A white 1000px wide “content area” must be positioned X pixels (X = top banner height) from the top in the horizontal center of the skin, with the remaining space used for the skin content. For more information about building responsive creative, see our building responsive creative guide.

If the top banner contains interactive elements (eg video controls, carousels, multiple clicktags etc), then it must be supplied as a separate banner that will be overlaid on top of the skin. Otherwise it is optional, and can be incorporated as part of the skin creative.

Max total file weight

3.5 MB.

For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimized to the lowest possible file weight.


Maximum of 5 loops.

Maximum animation time 30 seconds (may vary by publisher).

Asset type

Responsive HTML5 (either Adnami hosted by sharing a zip-file or served via 3rd party tags).

HTML must be minified and optimized for polite load.

Click tags and tracking

For Adnami hosted creatives, see our clicktags and tracking guide.

For creatives hosted using 3rd party tags, use the appropriate click methods and trackers for that provider examples.



Supported 3rd party providers

Campaign Manager 360, Adform, Sizmek, Adjust, Flashtalking

Supported Ad Verification

Adnami supports impression and viewability tracking from 3rd party providers, such as IAS, MOAT, DoubleVerify & Userneeds.