Desktop Midscroll Video (Fullscreen)


Adventure Travel

Creative dimension

16:9 (1920x1080) (Optimised for web)

Ad Viewport

Width: 100% of browser width
Height 80% or 100% of browser height


In order to ensure your important content (text, logos, CTAs etc) is visible on all screens and devices, please follow the guidelines on the validation tool below:

Safe Zone Tool.


explainer_format_midscroll desktop

Note: Some publisher sites have a nav bar that covers the top of the creative - please check the publisher guidelines and make additional allowances with your safe zones if required.

Format description and guidance

To create a Midscroll Desktop Video (full screen), create a new Midscroll Desktop and then select “Video” as the Banner type. Set your landing page as the Click URL, and upload your Video.To ensure correct scaling of videos with this format, set Video Sizing to “Letterbox”, and set Video Alignment to “Center”. 

Additional options allow for audio to be enabled (via a mute/unmute button), a background to be configured (for when the video doesn’t completely fill the screen), and it is strongly recommended to include a static endframe to safeguard against suspended auto-play. Read more about endframes here and ensure your ad never appears blank!

Max total file weight

1MB recommended, (max 3.5MB)

For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimized to the lowest possible file weight.
For heavier video files, we offer a solution using SeenThis technology for an additional CPM – [contact us for more information and pricing].

Asset type

MP4, optimized for web.

Max duration

Autoplaying videos should not exceed 30 seconds in duration.