Fluid Skin (Image/Video)

The fluid skin format consists of three separate elements - a left panel, a right panel (the side panels), and a top banner. You can use either images or video as the background asset of each element. For best results, combine with a PNG overlays, to create a simple responsive skin. For skin designs with artwork that spans across the entire screen, consider using our seamless skin format instead.



Format Specs

Side panels:

  • Video - 1080x1920px (9:16) MP4
  • Image - 800x1440px JPG

Overlay: Up to 800x1440px (PNG with transparency)

Top banner:
Background: 1000x180px* (MP4 or JPG)

*Default Top banner dimensions vary by country:

  • 🇩🇪 DE: 970x250px
  • 🇩🇰 DK: 930x180px
  • 🇫🇮 FI: 1000x400px
  • 🇳🇴 NO: 1000x300px
  • 🇸🇪 SE: 1000x240px
  • 🇬🇧 UK: 970x250px

Top banner width may vary from publisher to publisher. Always confirm specs with the publishers on your plan before creating skin assets.

There are multiple templates and options available for the top banner, including third party tags and custom HTML5 zip upload.

Format description and guidance

Background assets use the “cover” CSS behaviour, so be aware that the edges may appear cropped at different screens and resolutions. The left panel background is anchored to the top right corner, and the right panel background is anchored to the top left corner, so keep any “essential” elements towards the inside edges of the skin. For the top banner, keep essential elements towards the centre of the background asset.

Overlays are centred on top of the background asset, and should be used for static brand elements (eg logos, messaging, CTA etc). The overlay uses the “contain” CSS behaviour, so will never be cropped. The width and height of the overlay are flexible - for best results, avoid exporting your overlay assets with excess white space.

Additional settings can be used to hide the overlay when the panels are below a certain minimum width - this can be useful to avoid elements appearing too small to read on smaller screens.

Max duration

Autoplaying videos should not exceed 30 seconds in duration.

Click URL

Click tracking is included in the template.

Max total file weight

Combined file weight of all assets must be under 3.5MB



Secondary pixels supported


Supported Ad Verification

Adnami supports pixels for impression and viewability tracking from 3rd party providers