Fluid Skin (Image/Video)

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Recommended default creative dimensions

Side panels:
Background: 1080x1920 px/9:16 (mp4 video) / 800x1440 px (jpg image) 
Overlay: 800x1440 px (png with transparency)

Background: 1000x250px* (jpg)
Overlay: 1000x250px* (png with transparency)
Video1**: 16:9 (mp4)  - autoplaying muted video
Video2**: 16:9 (mp4) - user-initiated full length video with audio

*Topbanner height varies by country - DK: 180px, FI: 400px, NO: 300px, SE: 240px, UK: 250px. Topbanner size may vary from publisher to publisher. Always confirm specs with the publishers on your plan before creating skin assets.

Format description and guidance

Fluid skins are a responsive high impact format, composed of three individual components - a left panel, a right panel (the side panels), and a top banner. The content within each panel should scale responsively based on the width and height of the individual panels. 

Asset type

Video (mp4)
Images (jpg/png)

Max duration

Autoplaying videos should not exceed 30 seconds in duration.

Click URL

Click tracking is included in the tag.

Recommended total weight

Top + left + right together must weigh less than 3.5MB


Topbanner: Centered.
Left panel: Overlay is centered. The background is anchored to the content along the right edge.
Right panel: Overlay is centered. The background is anchored to the content along the left edge.


The Suite will automatically loop the animation/MP4 video 5 times.
The maximum permitted length is 30 seconds.



Secondary pixels supported


Supported Ad Verification

Adnami supports pixels for impression and viewability tracking from 3rd party providers