Facebook Feed Carousel

This is a banner template that allows for the easy creation of a Social style creative. The template resembles the style of a facebook feed carousel, and is designed to allow existing social assets to be easily reused. The format is fluid, allowing it to adapt to fit into almost any standard display placement - simply set the width and height to the desired placement size in the creative parameters.



Format Specs

Profile Image
Dimensions: At least 200x200 px

Carousel Assets
Number of slides: 2 to 5
Image: JPG
Video: MP4
Ratio: 1:1
Dimensions: At least 1080x1080 px

Text Recommendations
Story text: 125 characters
Hashtags: 50 characters
Headline: 32 characters
CTA: 12 characters
Landing page URL: Required

Format description and guidance

The profile name and image should match your brands social media account. You can add a blue “verified” checkmark if desired, as well as add some optional hashtags to appear alongside the profile.

The story text is static, and appears before the carousel.

For the carousel, upload 2-5 images or videos, to create the individual slides. Each slide has its own headline, CTA and landing page URL. If you don’t require all 5 slides, just leave any unused ones blank.

Additional configurable options allow for further customization of the format:

  • Enable or Disable the carousel controls 
  • Change the scaling mode of the carousel assets, to either fill the available space (cover), or keep their original aspect ratio (contain).
  • Change the asset background colour (when scaling mode is contain)
  • Change the slide background colour
  • Change the colour of the cta button text + background. The button flashes between two states, so there are two sets of colours for each state.

Max total file weight:

Combined file weight of all assets must not exceed 3.5 MB