Scrolling Seamless Skin

Guide to skins

The guide covers:

- The difference between our Seamless Skin & Fluid Skin formats
- The respective templates (i.e. Seamless Image Skin, Seamless Sliding Skin, Fluid Skin Image, Fluid Skin Video, etc.) within our Seamless & Fluid Skin formats
- Tips and best practice for using overlays  



Recommended default creative dimensions

Skin Backgrounds

  • Background Assets:
    2560x1440px (JPG) or 1920x1080px (MP4)
  • Side Overlays:
    Maximum size of 800x1440px (PNG with transparent background)

Top Banner

  • Top Overlay:
    Maximum size of 1000x180px* (PNG with transparent background)

*Top banner height varies by country:

DK: 180px, FI: 400px, NO: 300px, SE: 240px, UK: 250px.

Top banner dimensions can also vary from publisher to publisher. You should always confirm specs with the publishers on your plan before creating skin assets.

Format description and guidance

A template that allows for the easy creation of a “scrolling skin” creative. The format allows three sets of assets (background image/video + side overlays) to be uploaded, with an interactive scroll triggered transition as the user scrolls down the page. 

Avoid placing any text or logos on the sides or edges of the background assets, as they could appear cropped on smaller screen sizes. All "key" static elements or artwork (logos, messaging, CTA etc) should be implemented as part of the overlay assets.

The specs for the format are flexible, allowing the size and position of the overlays to be customised. For best results, export the overlay PNGs without any extra empty space around the edges - this allows the template to handle the overlay scaling and positioning more effectively.

Max total file weight

3.5 MB.

For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimised to the lowest possible file weight. We recommend using to compress PNG overlays.

Click tags and tracking

The template supports four individual clickURL & trackers - one for each of the skin backgrounds, and another for the top banner.