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Advance Technology - Mobile Midscroll

Format description and guidance

This template allows for the easy creation of a responsive “slider” style creative. The template allows two assets (image or video) to be uploaded, with an interactive (mouse hover / touch) sliding mechanic that moves the boundary between the two assets. An overlay image can be added on top, to add additional branding and messaging.

The template works across both desktop and mobile and can be used within most responsive formats, including Topscroll and Midscroll. The template is highly configurable, making it flexible with the way assets are positioned and scaled.

Format Specs

As the banner template can be used within many different Adnami formats, the dimensions of assets will depend on the format the template is being used with. As a general guide, desktop formats typically use a 16:9 aspect ratio (eg 1920x1080), and mobile formats use a 9:16 (1080x1920). 
For the two “Sliding” background assets, ensure they have matching dimensions, and are either  JPG (image) or MP4 (video) file formats. There are several scaling modes to determine how the background assets will be responsively scaled - “Cover”, “Contain”, and “None”. It is also possible to choose the “Position” of the Background assets, which can change the anchor point from which they scale.

For the overlay asset, use a PNG with a transparent background. There are no strict requirements around the dimensions for the overlay, but as a rough guide, a square shaped overlay could be around 1000x1000px, a horizontal full-width overlay could be 2000x200px etc. Just ensure the resolution is sufficient to look good on the largest of screens.
It is possible to set the width, height, position & scaling mode of the overlay, allowing for a large number of configurations. It is also possible to add a background colour behind the overlay, incase a bit more visual separation is required. The “Overlay vertical gap” parameter controls how far away from the top/bottom the overlay is positioned when using a top/bottom position.

Asset Specs

Video (mp4 / VAST), optimized for web.
Images (jpg/png)

Click URL

Click tracking is included in the tag.

Recommended total weight

All assets together must weigh less than 3.5MB