Inline Midscroll Template

A template for the Inline Midscroll format, that allows for the easy creation of a simple responsive inline midscroll banner. This template requires both landscape and portrait assets, and will automatically switch to show the most appropriate assets for any given screen resolution and placement. 


Adore Skincare


In total this template requires 4 individual assets:

Landscape (16:9)

  • 1 x Background (Image or Video)
    • Image - 2560x1440 - JPG, PNG or WEBP
    • Video - 1920x1080 - MP4
  • 1 x Overlay
    •  1536x864 - PNG or WEBP with transparent background

Portrait (9:16)

  • 1 x Background (Image or Video)
    • Image - 1080x1920 - JPG, PNG or WEBP
    • Video - 1080x1920 - MP4
  • 1 x Overlay
    •  1080x1152 - PNG or WEBP with transparent background

Backgrounds may appear cropped at the edges, whereas overlays are guaranteed to be fully visible, so use the overlays for key static messaging and brand elements.

Format description and guidance

Backgrounds will be scaled to the full window height, however only a small portion of it will be visible at once - this is known as the creative viewport. The width of the viewport will match the page content width, the creative height can vary, but is typically 60% of the window height.

Due to the varied and diverse shapes and sizes of placement this format can appear in, there are no truly “safe” areas, however generally the centre of the background assets can be considered the safest. For your landscape background, we recommend a centralised safe zone of 60% width and 60% height. For your portrait background, we advise a central safe zone of 80% width and 60% height. The background artwork should extend all the way to the edges of the asset, as parts of it may still be visible on some devices and resolutions.

The overlays will be scaled to be always fully contained within the creative viewport, so use them to ensure all your essential information and branding (such as headlines, logos & CTA buttons) are always fully visible.

The overlay will be centred on top of the creative, roughly aligned with the safezone of the background. It will be scaled by the template to fit fully within the creative viewport.

Max total file weight

3.5 MB
For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimized to the lowest possible file weight. We recommend using to compress PNGs.

Click tags and tracking

The template supports one clickURL & impression tracker.