Fluid Product Carousel

A responsive banner template that allows for the easy creation of a responsive product carousel. The template features an interactive carousel of up to 6 products, each of which can feature their own unique clickthrough URL, information and price.


Admire Clothing

Format Specs

Product Image:

Up to 6 images - JPG or WEBP, 250kb Max.
The dimensions of your images depend on how you wish to configure the carousel.

Products Per Slide








For best results, try to frame the crop of your images so that the subject is in the center, with plenty of clear space above, below, and around the sides. The brand logo will be overlaid at the top, so leave some space for it.

Up to 640x320px (flexible) - SVG, PNG or WEBP with transparent background, 250kb Max.
For best results, export without any empty space. The logo will be scaled to be 10% of the total creative height, and positioned top-center.

Format description and guidance

Add a default click URL, which is triggered when a user clicks or taps on the logo.

Set your CTA text - this is text that will appear written on the click button of each product.

For each product, upload an image, add some descriptive text, a price, and a click URL. The number of products is flexible, so if less than 6 are needed, just leave any that are unrequired blank.

Finally you can customise the colours used by the template. You can change the default carousel interface colour, and the background colour and text colour of the product information boxes.

Max total file weight:

3.5 MB