Simple Image/Video Double Midscroll

A banner template for the Double Midscroll format, that allows for the easy creation of a simple double midscroll creative. The template makes use of two assets (image or video), and performs a simple scrolling animation to transition between the two as you scroll down the page. 

The template works with both desktop and mobile. 




Format Specs


Image - JPG or WEBP, Max 500kb

  • Mobile: 1080x1920

  • Desktop: 2560x1440

Video - MP4, Max 2 MB

  • Mobile: 1080x1920

  • Desktop: 1920x1080

Frame assets will be stretched to cover the whole screen, so avoid placing any important content near to the edges, as it may appear cropped on some screens. Keep all your important brand elements and messaging towards the center of the asset.

Format description and guidance

Add your click URL.

Upload your assets for Frame 1 and Frame 2

Frame 1 will be the first asset visible, Frame 2 will be revealed after scrolling down.

Max total file weight:

The combined file weight of both assets must not exceed 3.5 MB.