A responsive banner template that allows for the easy creation of an interactive 3D cube banner. The cube features 4 rotating faces, each of which can feature either an image or video background asset, as well as an optional overlay. The template is fully responsive, meaning it can be used for any size placement. For standard display placements (such as 300x250 or 300x600), simply set the required width and height under the creative parameters. 


Adventure Travel

Format Specs

Cube Side Backgrounds:

JPG, WEBP or MP4. 1MB max.

Dimensions depend on the placement you are creating a cube for. For fixed size standard display placements (eg 300x250, 320x320 etc), we recommend creating double sized assets (eg 600x500, 640x640 etc) for optimal appearance on high resolution displays. For responsive placements, use a suitable aspect ratio for your desired format, and make use of the overlays for elements that must not appear cropped.

Cube Side Overlays:

PNG or WEBP with a transparent background. 250kb Max.

Optional - Dimensions depend on the size of the placement. Overlays are useful for responsive placements where the width and height of the creative may vary. Overlays will never appear cropped, so are useful for making sure your logos or key messaging never appear cut off. For best results, export overlay assets without any excess empty white space, and use the overlay height and width parameters in the template to configure their size relative to the background. Overlays are centred on top of their respective backgrounds.

Background Image:

Optional - JPG, WEBP, 100kb max
Dimensions depend on the format, for desktop formats use a 16:9 aspect ratio (eg 2560x1440px), and for mobile formats a 9:16 aspect ratio (eg 1080x1920px). The background image is visible behind the cube as it rotates.

Format description and guidance

Set the width and height of the banner to match your required placement.

You have the option to set a background colour, or add a background image, which will be visible behind the cube as it spins. Otherwise the default is a white background.

If using overlays you can configure their size relative to the cube faces. Overlays are centred on top of their respective backgrounds. You can also change the button colour if you want to change the colour of the navigation arrow buttons (default is white)

For each of the 4 faces of the cube, you must add a click URL and a background. Overlays can also be added to each, but they are optional.

Max total file weight:

3.5 MB