The Attention
& Verification Solution

Adnami’s independent attention solution measures and verifies your ads to help optimise attention, ensure quality impressions and increase ROI.  

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What is Sonar? 

Sonar is an independent attention measurement and ad verification platform that helps advertisers, publishers, and agencies ensure the quality, viewability and effectiveness of their digital ads.  

Why use Sonar?

  • Access real-time performance and impact insights including attention, impressions, viewability, time in view and engagement. 
  • Identify low quality traffic and reduce ad waste.
  • Measure the attention generated by your campaigns as a direct proxy for effect.
  • Use independent 3rd party verification to measure performance. 

Benefits of Sonar:

  • One attention score combining time in view, engagement, visibility, pixel coverage and ad position into a single easily accessible attention metric. 
  • Viewability measured to IAB standard.
  • Outliers indicating bot traffic are filtered out. 
  • Simple implementation on a DSP level for automatic measurement. 
  • Easy data exports into your preferred BI environment.


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