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Creative Lab: Going back to basics - it's all about skins!

Welcome to the first of our Adnami Creative Labs series! Each month we will explore different creative topics to help you get the best possible results from our assortment of creative formats and templates. Tune in as we cover best practices for using Adnami formats, common mistakes, to high impact for desktop versus mobile and more!

We kicked off our Adnami Creative Lab series by going back to the basics – it’s all about skins. Skins are one of the most attention-grabbing, identifiable and well performing types of high impact formats. In this webinar our resident Head of Creative, John Feltham, will dive into and walk through:

  • The two distinct skin formats we have at Adnami
  • Responsive creative principles
  • The process of designing and setting up both a Seamless and Fluid Skin within our suite
  • Best practices and tips for working with responsive skins
  • And more!

Release date: September 5, 2023

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