High impact and video are taking over the traditional display market

Digital advertising is experiencing a shift as major players redirect budgets away from traditional display ads. There is a conscious focus towards quality and meaningful effective measurement, driving a surge in popularity for video and high impact advertising. 

This shift towards high impact and video advertising marks a departure from conventional methods. High-impact formats, well known for capturing attention and driving engagement, are proving more effective than their traditional counterparts. 

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Increasingly, we've directed our media investment towards high-impact formats in programmatic purchases," 

Notes Anders Nordsted, Digital Marketing Specialist from Danske Spil A/S. 

"We've observed notably higher performance in attention and engagement KPIs compared to classic standard formats. Display purchasing has evolved beyond short-term conversion attribution, emphasizing a longer-lasting top-of-mind presence with the customer. High impact formats play a crucial role in achieving this, making them a highly valued component in our media mix for both campaigns and continuous tracking efforts." 

The move to an emphasis on more quality views is further strengthened by technological improvements in how to measure and calculate the attention a campaign generates.  

Measuring attention allows marketing departments and media agencies to adjust and optimize their campaigns based on top and mid funnel value-drivers, versus relying solely on clicks and conversions. 

Jeppe Lehrman, Managing Director at GroupM Nexus echoes the sentiment, adding:  

"We're witnessing a clear shift in our approach to media investments amidst the exciting transformation in the media landscape. Traditional display advertising is facing challenges due to limited opportunities for precise targeting towards digital consumers. In response, we're seeing a significant increase in investments in online video and high-impact advertising. Consumers are highly engaged with visually dynamic content, and this is where advertisers can achieve the best results." 

High impact and online video, with their immersive and visually engaging qualities, are becoming more influential within the industry. Advertisers are increasingly investing in high impact and video medium as consumers actively seek out visually dynamic content. The rationale is simple – video not only captures attention but also conveys brand messaging in a memorable and impactful way. 

Impact on Traditional Display Ads
As media budgets migrate towards high impact and video advertising, traditional display finds itself at a crossroads. The limitations in precise targeting and the diminishing effectiveness of standard formats are pushing advertisers to explore more engaging and innovative solutions. 

The challenge for traditional display ads lies in adapting to evolving consumer behavior and finding ways to stand out in an environment saturated with visually stimulating content. 

Looking to the Future  
The shift towards video and high-impact formats marks an exciting evolution in digital advertising, compelling advertisers to innovate and align with the digital audience's growing preference for engaging, visually rich content. This movement away from traditional display advertising highlights the importance for advertisers to adapt strategies to captivate and connect with consumers more effectively. As the landscape evolves, embracing these dynamic formats becomes essential for achieving impactful, memorable advertising in a digital-first world. The future of therefore lies in leveraging these compelling formats, setting the stage for brands to deepen engagement and secure a competitive edge. 

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