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How to host a Standard Display banner in Adnami

In this article you will learn how to upload a standard size banner to Adnami

Check the IAB standard sizes for Display ads here.

Why host standard banners with Adnami?

Adnami is well known for hosting and delivering High Impact formats, so why start hosting standard display ads in Adnami?

It is important for many advertisers and agencies to have reporting be as consolidated as possible, especially for a view on attention metrics. Hosting standard display banners in Adnami enables measurement of both high impact and standard display ads using the Adnami Attention Score.

Other use cases include:

How to host?

The hosting process has been designed to be simple and user friendly, regardless of your level of familiarity with Adnami.

Step 1 - new creative

Click new creative, either on the start page or when you are in a campaign.

Step 2 - format and upload content

Select the one of the following four formats - Image, Video Zip File or Third Party Hosting.

For all options you will need to specify the width and height of your creative placement, in order to produce a tag with the correct dimensions.

  • Image: for static image creative
    • Upload the image and “Add Click URL”
      • Make sure your image is in the right format (jpg, png, gif) and dimensions before you upload.
    • Click “Continue”
  • Video: for video creative
    • Upload the video
      • Your file must be an mp4, and optimised so that it is less than 3.5 mb
      • If it is larger please review this guide
      • Typically all the default settings in the template work but it is always best practice to review them to make sure they are in line with your needs.
    • Click “Continue”
  • Zip File: for custom HTML5 creative, hosted by Adnami
  • Third Party Tag: for custom HTML5 hosted on another platform
    • If your banner is already uploaded to another platform and you have a third party tag - paste the tag in “Third Party Tag”.
    • Click “Continue.

Step 3 - activate

Add third party trackers if you have any and then click “Activate and Complete”.

Select the AdServer or DSP you wish to use, you will then be able to copy the tag and use it in your activation platform.

Thats it, you’re ready to go!

How do I measure attention on standard display?

If you follow the steps above, Adnami will automatically measure attention on your creatives. The attention results will be available in real time in the Adnami application.

Read more about the Adnami Attention Score.