Adnami's guide to skins

All things skins - here is the ultimate guide to Adnami skins!

Take your skin skills to the next level, get up to speed on how to use overlays, learn the difference between Seamless Skin & Fluid Skin and when to use which.

Skins are a popular and well performing type of high impact format. Adnami has two skin formats; Seamless Skin and Fluid Skin that make it simple to create great looking responsive skins with just a few assets. Each format has its own strengths, and specifications. In the guide linked below we explore the different types of skin, to help you choose the best solution for your campaign, and get the most out of your skin creative.

The guide covers:

  • The difference between our Seamless Skin & Fluid Skin formats
  • The respective templates (i.e. Seamless Image Skin, Seamless Sliding Skin, Fluid Skin Image, Fluid Skin Video, etc.) within our Seamless & Fluid Skin formats
  • Tips and best practice for using overlays  

Find the full guide here: link to guide

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