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Processing Raw Data (Analytics Feature)

Using Adnami's Analytics feature in the Suite and processing your raw data in Excel

Step 1

Go into your desired campaign and click on “Analytics”

Step 2

In the table you will find an overview that you can then filter further by Advertisers, Campaigns, Creatives, Formats or Domains. 

To download the data, click “Raw Data”.

Step 3

Open a new Excel spreadsheet and go to “Data”. 

Click on the drop down option “Get Data (Power Query)”

Step 4

Select your “Raw Data” csv you downloaded in Step 2.

Step 5

Make sure to select “Delimited” then click “Next”. 

Step 6

Click “Comma” and deselect “Tab” (if it is selected).

Step 7

Finally click “Finish” and “Import”. 

You will then be able to filter and review the data to your liking.