Our formats

Here you'll find our available formats with direct links to guides on how to host and wrap them in the Adnami suite. For ad specs, click here: www.adnami.io/specs.


Social and cubes

Skins (wallpapers)



Social and cubes

Social Facebook Standard 320x320

Social Instagram Standard 320x320

Social Instagram Story 320x480

Social Story Facebook

Facebook Carousel 

Instagram Carousel 

Cube 300x250

Cube 320x320

Tower Cube 300x600


Fluid Skin (Image/Video)

Fluid Skin (HTML5)

Fluid Skin (Image/Video)

Fluid Skin (HTML5)

Seamless Skin (HTML5)

Seamless Skin Sliding Skin

Seamless Skin Video Top Banner


Midscroll Desktop Fullscreen Image

Midscroll Desktop Fullscreen Video

Midscroll Desktop HTML

Midscroll Mobile Image 

Midscroll Mobile Video

Midscroll Mobile HTML 

Midscroll Mobile Anchor

Video Expander


Topscroll Desktop Image

Topscroll Desktop Video

Topscroll Mobile Image

Topscroll Mobile Video

Topscroll Desktop HTML

Topscroll Mobile HTML