Difference between Fluid skin and Seamless skin

What are Adnami skins?

Skins are one of the most attention-grabbing, identifiable and well performing types of high impact formats. At Adnami we have two distinct skin formats that make it simple to create great looking responsive skins using just a few assets – the Seamless Skin and Fluid Skin. In this guide we will review the different types of skins along with their strengths and specifications, in order to help you choose the best solution for your campaign and produce the best creative possible.

Our two skin formats

  • Seamless Skin

The Seamless Skin format is responsive solution utilising a single background image / video which covers the entire screen. It uses overlays to position and place key content on top of the skin background.

It is the best choice for skins featuring continuous artwork spanning across the entire screen, without any breaks or seams.

  • Fluid Skin

A Fluid Skin format is a responsive skin solution made up of three separate panels - left side, right side and top banner. Each panel has its own individual background image/video and overlay.

It should be used when the artwork on each side is independent or if a more granular control over how the background artwork on each side is anchored and positioned is needed.

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