Third party trackers

How third party trackers work and are setup in Suite

What are they?

Clients want to be able to setup custom impression, viewability or video tracking to ads we serve. We support these options by allowing third party trackers to be setup on creatives. More details on each of the types can be found below.

How to use them?

  1. Paste your tracker string value (html tag or URL string) into the tag text field box
  2. Click on the arrow button to the right of the field
  3. Tag will now show up in the table below
  4. We try to auto detect the type of tag by Regex matching given tag
  5. You can manually change type by clicking on the arrow keys
  6. You can also remove each row, or edit by first clicking on it, changing the value then clicking top arrow again

tracking 1


  • if <img> tag is set as tag input

    • tries to get image function and sets it to <head> element of the creative
  • if impression tag is selected and URL is pasted

    • ads image creation with given tag url as src and sets it to <head> element of the creative
  • if impression tag is selected and html tag provided

    • ads the whole html tag to top of <body> element of the creative

Moat, IAS and Other Viewability

  • If canvas format

    • extracts src value from tag, and type as either "script" or "iframe" based on tag it was in
    • structures values into type:src pairs
    • pushes these values into window.__adnamiAdsAPI.v1.ThirdPartyTrackers as formatted string
    • once all trackers are collected into a string format it prepends __adnamiAdsAPI initialisation string
    • final string is wrapped in <script> tag and prepended to <head> element of the creative
  • If banner contains <iframe

    • then it sets custom styling with opacity zero and absolute position to top left, with full width and height which makes the element invisible
    • then sets this value to <body> element of the creative
  • or else

    • sets the tag value to <body> element of the creative

Video tracking BETA

Expected input is URL for each of the types. Those URLS will be pinged using Image src tracking hack from within the creative when appropriate.
Only one of each video tag is allowed per creative! If there are duplicates frontend will disable saving, and backend will throw error.

Includes types:

  • Video Impression -> not to be confused with regular impression, this one indicates that the following video events are relating to that session
  • Video Start
  • Video First Quartile
  • Video Midpoint
  • Video Third Quartile
  • Video Complete


  • video type is selected and the url
    • collects all the trackers with type corresponding to the selected type (VideoImpression -> videoimpression)
    • structures data to type:src
    • last three steps are the same as in "Moat, IAS and Other Viewability"
    • SPECIAL: if Canvas
      • for every banner within the canvas, set <head> tag to also have video tracking script