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Terminology: 13 words you need to know

Ad Specs
Delivering a creative with the correct specs is usually size or weight related. For instance, midscroll mobil image needs to be delivered in 812x812. Or, for example, a topscroll desktop video MP4 needs to be delivered in 16:9.
Ad Unit
The placement size on a website through which the creative is triggered. The size is determined by the publisher, and is important to remember in relation to uploading the tags in the DSP, as well as when setting up the deal.
A campaign is what a specialist creates in the DSP (such as AdForm or DV360), where all requirements / information is added; period, budget, targeting, creative, tracking etc. It's through a "campaign" that people online see an advertisement. Campaigns can be highly targeting; reaching out to specific users and specific times on specific websites, based on specific interests. The most common example of this is known as "retargeting" where specific cookies are targeted based on certain actions, such as adding an item the the "shopping cart" on a webpage.
The creative is the advertisement which the end user will see online whilst the campaign is running.
The "cut out" of a website is related to the width of the content on the site. Most sites in Denmark have a 930px cutout, but some pages also use: 960, 1000, 1020 or 1260. This can also vary depending on screen size. For example, on a 13'' laptop, the cutout on tv2.dk will be 1000px, but on a larger screen it will change to 1260px.
Fluid Skin
A Fluid Skin is a skin where the top + left + right are coded with responsive HTML. This is an example: https://preview.adnami.io/skin?guid=741f9f17-6eae-4577-b98f-0ddcbb96359a
HTML is a type of programming language. The two other typical programming languages are CSS and JavaScript.
Impression Tracker
A piece of code which is added within the setup of the creative in the suite which will enable the bureau / publisher to track impressions. The same can be added for clicks.
Responsive HTML is code which ensures that the creative adapts and scales itself appropriately, regardless of the screen size.
Safe Zone
A creative which doesn't comply with our safe zones is a creative where some (important part) of the creative isn't visible. For example, if some of the creative is within the top or bottom 14% here: https://preview.adnami.io/creativetest?sz=desktop-topscroll-video
SeenThis is a technology which enables a bureau / publisher to not have to worry about the standard video weight restriction of 3.5MB. Essentially, SeenThis breaks an MP4 into small "pieces" and streams it.
A small piece of code which is rendered on a site, which will ultimately show the end-user the creative.