Schibsted x Adnami | Midscroll Fullscreen for desktop and mobile

Learn more about our Midscroll Fullscreen formats for desktop and mobile available on selected Schibsted NO sites.

Midscroll Fullscreen - Cross Device
What do you need from Schibsted to get started?
Buying Schibsted from DV360
AdSpecs & Safe zones
Setting it up in Adnami
Schibsted sites

Midscroll Fullscreen - Cross Device

  • Supports HTML5 (zip), video, image & Third Party Creatives (AdForm, DV360, SeenThis)
  • Simple to activate
  • Driving attention & engagement

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What do you need from Schibsted to get started?



  1. Send Partner ID/Seat ID to Schibsted Norway:
  2. Schibsted will set up a private deal for the fullscreen format 1920x1080
  3. Always buy desktop and mobile in separate deals because of different safe zones 
  4. Floor price fullscreen: CPM NOK 125

Buying Schibsted from DV360

Schibsted offers their fullscreen inventory in Xandr SSP. When you buy Schibsted inventory from DV360 it's important to take some precautions because of technology differences:

  1. Schibsted deals should be booked in separate line items with a separate budget 
  2. Do not use any technology specific content or audience targeting like: 
    1. Brand safety, keywords, categories, viewability targeting
    2. Audience lists, demographics, geography
  3. Schibsted offer their own first party data you can get included in your deal 
  4. If possible, choose Programmatic Guaranteed to secure impressions 
  5. When the creatives are uploaded in DV360, send over Xandr creative ID to Schibsted and ask for preview in a live environment
  6. Link to complete Schibsted Buyers Guide DV360

AdSpecs & Safe zones

Midcroll (Fullscreen)



Asset type JPG, PNG or GIF, MP4, HTML5 (zip), Third Party Tag (AdForm, DV360, SeenThis) JPG, PNG or GIF, MP4, HTML5 (zip), Third Party Tag (AdForm, DV360, SeenThis) 
Dimension 1920x1080px 1080x1920px
Max weight 360kb 360kb
Safe zones 15% top & bottom 15% top & bottom

Safe zones - Desktop 

(Midcroll Fullscreen Desktop (Image, Video, HTML5)

  • Asset type: JPG, PNG or GIF, MP4, HTML5 (zip)
  • Size: 1920x1080px
  • Safe zones Desktop: 15% top & bottom

Help Center_Schibsted x Adnami_desktop

Safe zones - Mobile

(Midscroll (Fullscreen)  Mobile - (Image, Video, HTML5)

  • Asset type: JPG, PNG or GIF, MP4, HTML5 (zip)
  • Size: 1080x1920px
  • Safe zones mobile: 15% top & bottom

Help Center_Schibsted x Adnami_mobile

Setting it up in Adnami

The set-up for the Schibsted NO Midscroll fullscreen cross device, differs from the regular Adnami Midscroll and therefore needs to be set up by Adnami AdOps.

Send your request to Adnami AdOps as following:

  1. Attach your material and tracking (at minimum a landing page)
  2. Specify which formats you're interested in, e.g. Midscroll Fullscreen desktop, Midscroll Fullscreen mobile. 
  3. If the creative is a video, please specify if the video have sound.
  4. If HTML, please specify if there is interaction in the banner.

Adnami AdOps will then return with the “wrapping”, a preview link and a list of tags. The preview link illustrates how the creative will look. The tag, you use to activate the creative in your DSP/SSP.


Note: The Adnami tag needs to state width:100%;height:100% in order to be able to activate it in the ad server. See example here: 


Schibsted sites

Available sites fullscreen mobile:

Available sites fullscreen desktop:


For deal set up, price:

Additional questions to Schibsted: / /

Questions regarding specs, tracking and creative set up in Adnami: