No GDPR Information Detected in Link Warning

When using Adnami's Suite, you may encounter a "GDPR information detected in link" warning. This warning indicates that there may be issues related to GDPR compliance in the tags or links provided by third-party providers.

Understanding the Warning: The "No GDPR information detected in link" warning is triggered when Adnami detects potential GDPR compliance issues in the tags or links used within a publisher’s content. 

Common Cause: The warning often arises when third-party providers use tags or scripts on your site that should follow GDPR rules but don't. For example, if these providers don't clearly mark their tags to follow GDPR, usually looks like this: gdpr=${GDPR};gdpr_consent=${GDPR_CONSENT_XXX}, they might automatically set cookies or collect user data without permission. This can cause problems with GDPR compliance.

How to Address the Warning: If you receive a "No GDPR information detected in link" warning from Adnami, here are steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Review Third-Party Tags: Check the tags or scripts provided by third-party providers. Ensure that they explicitly set GDPR macros or comply with GDPR regulations regarding user data and cookies.

  2. Contact Third-Party Providers: Reach out to the third-party providers responsible for the non-compliant tags or scripts. Request that they update their tags to be GDPR compliant and do not default to setting cookies or collecting user data without proper consent mechanisms.

  3. Update Implementation: Once the third-party providers have rectified their tags or scripts, update your implementation accordingly. Test to ensure that the warning no longer appears and that your site remains GDPR compliant.

Additional Resources: For further assistance with addressing GDPR compliance issues related to Adnami’s services, feel free to contact our support team ( We can provide guidance on best practices, compliance requirements, and technical implementation to ensure that your website meets GDPR standards.

Conclusion: The "No GDPR information detected in link" warning from Adnami serves as a proactive measure to help our clients maintain GDPR compliance.