Error message in the suite?

Dealing with errors in the Adnami Suite? Below we have listed the two types of errors and what you can do to fix them.

Two types of errors can occurs in the Suite

  1. Unhandled errors: These errors will say "An unhandled error has occurred" along with an error ID. 
  2. Handled errors ("handled" as in we know why the error occurs): These errors will usually say what the error is and/or why it occurred along with an error ID. In this case, we recommend you to review the reason for the error and make necessary adjustments in the creative set up. 

In both cases you can contact Adnami AdOps for further support

Contacting support

When contacting us, please describe the case when the error occurred to help us to further understand the issue:

  • The error ID. With this it's easier for us to investigate the error.
  • What was the user doing when the error occurred?
    • Where you creating a Creative, transferring a Campaign, playing around on the Analytics page, etc.?
    • When in the set up did the error occur? Was it when you pressed "Save", when you searched for an account to transfer the Campaign to, chose certain filters on the Analytics page? Etc.
  • Creative code, Campaign name or ID: Data that makes it easier for us to find the specific element in question.
  • Screenshots: if it makes sense in the given case.


Here are examples of an unhandled error and a handled error:  


image (1)