Why is my creative rejected by the DSP

If you're having issues with the creative in the DSP/Adserver. Make sure the following steps have been followed:

Disclaimer: Below images are from DV360


1. Validate the creative status in DSP/AdServer: What does the creative status state in DSP?


2. Creative tag set up: Is it the correct tag uploaded for the intended DSP?


3. Is the creative size matching the AdUnit the deal from the pub?


4. Make sure you have assigned correct type of creative to the deal. For example it's not possible to run a Mobile Midscroll creative on a Midscroll Desktop deal:

Mobile Midscroll Creative --> Mobile Midscroll Deal ✅

Desktop Midscroll Creative --> Desktop Midscroll Deal ✅

Mobile Midscroll Creative --> Desktop Midscroll Deal ❌


5. There can be DSP/Adserver specific cases. Below we have listed examples:


  • If the Publisher are using Xandr, the publisher can control the "trus level" of the buyer, which can have an impact on how fast a creative get approved. Here is more info about Platform buyer trust levels - https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/xandr/supply-partners/define-ad-quality-rules

The Trade Desk (TTD)

  • Currently the Trade Desk do not accept the adunit size of 1x2. Adnami Topscrolls are often bought as 1x2. If you have TTD as a DSP, and still would like to run Topscrolls, please reach out to Adnami AdOps support@adnami.io for further assistance.


If you're still experiencing issues. 

Please do not hesitate to contact Adnami AdOps: support@adnami.io with the following information:

  • Which DSP it regards.
  • The complete description of the error message in the DSP.
  • A picture of how the creative tag is set up in the DSP. This is necessary to validate if the creative tag have the correct macros.
  • Information about the deal the creative is assigned to. Which format is the deal for? Etc.