20-12-2021: Third-party trackers are now available for some Adnami formats

We have now released the possibility to use third-party trackers for some of our formats for campaigns in the suite!

You can choose between the following trackers:
  • Impression tracker
  • IAS viewability tracker
  • Other viewability tracker
Note that we for now don't support MOAT viewability tracker.

The 3 types of trackers can all be added on the campaign page:

The system will automatically detect which type of tracker you are adding, but if it sets the wrong type you can change it afterwards by using the arrows.

This change also means that we have removed the old impression tracker parameter from all generic formats so after an update of a format you might need to add the tracker again using the new system!

Let us know if  you have any questions or need support around this.

All the best,
The Adnami Dev Team