10-02-2022: Updated way to wrap Midscrolls and Topscrolls

To make it as simple as possible for you to wrap your creatives, we've cleaned and shortened the steps for Topscrolls and Midscrolls in the suite (both mobile and desktop).

Follow the guide below for the new instructions, or watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Create the campaign

  • Go to Create Campaign and choose Topscroll or Midscroll, and then click the one that ends with "V2" for version 2 (in a later step you will be able to choose if it's image, video, third party tag or a ready-made template).
  • Once you are in the next view, fill in the Organisation, the Account (advertiser) and the Country where your campaign will be running. The campaign name will be filled in automatically.
  • Do not change the width and the height of the campaign 

Step 2: Campaign settings

  • Choose the banner type you will like to wrap ex. Image banner, Video banner, Third Party Tag or try one of our new templates; "Simple Video Blurred Background" or "Video with overlay". (Example here).
  • Upload the video asset you would like to include in your Topscroll Desktop. It needs to be 16:9 and not weigh more than 3.5MB.
  • Add your Click URL.

Step 3: Add your tracking

  • Add the impression or viewability tracker. Click on the macros to be replaced and click on the arrow.

Step 4: Save, preview and copy your tags

  • To save and proceed, click create campaign -> save -> lightning -> preview.
  • Check your preview to see if it looks correct and click to the correct landing page. If not, go back and do your edits.
  • When you’re happy, go to Tags and copy the tags for your prefered DSP. 



If you have any questions, feel free to email to support@adnami.io.