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Spar Kronjylland



For desktop, the Video Expander format requires a 16:9 (1920x1080) MP4 (which weighs less than 3.5MB), and a microsite. For mobile it requires a 9:16 (1080x1920) MP4.

The count-down from 3-2-1 is part of our template. This is not something you (e.g. creative agency) need to think about. The 16:9 MP4 video is what you see to begin with, and the microsite is where the user will be forwarded to after the 3 seconds have passed.


This is not a format which requires website certification from Adnami. If the microsite being launched is the clients own site, make sure to collect cookie consent, since you will be able to collect data.

Because of Google’s heavy ad intervention the total weight of the microsite must not exceed 4 MB (we recommend max 3.5MB) of bandwidth. So it’s not possible to include YouTube videos, or similar, into the microsite as that could easily violate this restriction. It’s not just the video that needs to be under 3.5 MB. The 16:9 MP4 (or 9:16 / 1080x1920 MP4 for mobile) video + the microsite needs to weigh less than 3.5 MB.

We do not offer hosting of microsites, or have a partner that can do this. The client needs to host the site themselves and share a URL pointing to the website.

We don’t support SeenThis or VAST tags.

It isn’t possible for us to implement click tracking in the format because when the user clicks it will open the microsite, and the microsite isn’t hosted by us.

From our perspective, it isn’t important whether the format is triggered through a 320x320 ad unit (mobile) or 300x250 ad unit (desktop). The only thing which is important - which is true for all Adnami formats - is that the size being used when uploading the tags in the DSP / adserver, and the size being offered by the publisher, must be the same. If they don’t match, the line item won’t spend.