Topscroll Desktop (Blurred Background)


Topscroll with Blurred Background

Adventure travel

Asset Dimensions:
1920x1080px (16:9)
File Type: MP4 (H.264)

Overlay Image
1080x1080px (1:1)
File Type: PNG (with transparent background)

Background Image (optional)
1920 x 1080 px (Desktop) (16:9)
1080 x 1920 px (Mobile) (9:16)
File Type: JPG or PNG

The background video/image will be stretched to fill the whole window, so all essential banner content (text, logos, CTAs) must be on the overlay images. 

Format description and guidance:
Topscroll with Blurred Background is a templated responsive Topscroll format, for both Desktop and Mobile. It consists of a video and an overlay image, on top of a darkened, blurred background. The video appears in a player alongside the overlay content. The background of the banner can be a scaled-up duplicate of the autoplaying video, or a static background image. A blur and darkening will be applied to the background asset automatically.
An optional second user-initiated video with audio can also be added.

Max total file weight:

Supported Ad Verification:
Adnami supports impression and viewability tracking from 3rd party providers, such as IAS, MOAT, DoubleVerify & Userneeds.

🇸🇪 Additional guidelines for Sweden 🇸🇪:
A 36px high "Close ad” bar will be overlaid at the top of the creative for all Swedish publishers.
In addition to the 14% safezone area at the top, stay clear of an additional 36px.


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