Topscroll Desktop (Blurred Background)

A banner template for the Desktop Topscroll format, that allows for the easy creation of a simple topscroll creative, using just a video and an overlay asset. This template is useful for cases when video content does not comply with our standard safezones, the video and overlay will be scaled to always fully fit within the device viewport, with any empty space filled with a "blurred" copy of the video in the background. You can also add a second user initiated video, which will play if you click on the creative - this allows for heavier content such as a full-length trailer to be loaded, without impacting the initial load weight.


Adventure Travel

Recommended Asset Dimensions

Videos: 1920x1080,  MP4

Overlay: 1000x1000, PNG with transparent background

Background Image (optional)
1920 x 1080 px (16:9), JPG or WEBP

Ad Viewport

Width: 100% of browser width
Height: 80% or 100% of browser height

Format description and guidance

Video with Blurred Background is a templated responsive format. It consists of a video and an overlay image, on top of a darkened, blurred background. The video appears in a player alongside the overlay content. The background of the banner can be a scaled-up duplicate of the autoplaying video, or a static background image. A blur and darkening will be applied to the background asset automatically.

An optional second user-initiated video with audio can also be added.

Max total file weight

3.5 MB (initial load)
For best performance, all assets should be compressed and optimized to the lowest possible file weight.

User initiated video can be heavier, up to 10MB.

Asset type

Video (MP4), Overlay Image (PNG or WEBP)

Click tags and tracking

This template supports one click url.


Any audio must be user-initiated.

Supported 3rd party providers

Campaign Manager 360, Adform, Sizmek, Adjust

Supported Ad Verification

Adnami supports impression and viewability tracking from 3rd party providers, such as IAS, MOAT, DoubleVerify & Userneeds.