Outstream Video

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Outstream Video


Video Asset
Video: 1280x720 (16:9) MP4
Max file weight: 3.5 Mb. Max duration 30 seconds.
OR VAST 4.0 Compatible Tag

Endframe (Optional)
Image: 1280x720 (16:9) JPG or PNG
Max file weight: 200kb.

Format description and guidance:
Outstream video is a high impact auto-playing video format that appears midway down the page (mid-content). The format accepts either an MP4 video, or a VAST tag as a source. An optional end-frame image can also be uploaded, which will be shown once the video stops playing.

Asset type:
Video (mp4 / VAST), optimized for web.
Images (jpg/png)

Click URL:
Click tracking is included in the tag.

Recommended total weight:
Video + Endframe together must weigh less than 4MB


Secondary pixels supported:

Supported Ad Verification:
Adnami supports pixels for impression and viewability tracking from 3rd party providers


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