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Social Instagram Story 320x480

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Ad Specs

You can find the latest updated version of the Ad Specs here: adnami.io/specs/instagram-story

Guide: Hosting and wrapping in Adnami


Before you start: Log in to the suite as normal with your user credentials. 

Step 1: Create the campaign

Step 2: Add your assets

  • Leave banner width and height as it is (320x480).
  • Under parameters, add your profile image (size: 70x70), profile name and hashtags. Think of social media, your image and profile name will be the ones representing your social account and hashtags you can the ones you like.
  • Choose the number of slides you want to show in your creative. On each slide, it's possible to add an individual Click URL and asset.
  • Go ahead and upload your Slide Asset (this can be an image or a video) for each slide. Under Asset Type you choose if it's a video or image. Do the same for the rest of your slides.
  • Add your CTA text but don't make it too long. Also add the color of the CTA text and CTA background.
  • If you have an Impression Tracker, you can add it now.

Step 3: Save, preview and copy your tags

  • To save and proceed, click create campaign -> save -> publish -> tags.
  • Check your preview to see if it looks correct, if not, go back and do your edits.
  • When you're happy. Copy the tags under ADNAMI SUITE and you're good to go.