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Adnami Skin on TV2

Various pages are developed with different cutout widths. This is important to keep in mind in relation to running a skin campaign.

For instance, depending on the users screen size, “tv2.dk” will be displayed with a cutout* width of either:

Narrow = 1000px

Wide = 1260px

👉 (*Cutout definition = the content width of the site)

Image Skin

If you wish to run an Image Skin on TV2, please note that you need to deliver a wallpaper with a cutout width of 1000px (when supplying the tags to TV2, simply let them know that you’re purely interested in running the campaign on their “narrow” display). If you deliver a wallpaper with a 930px cutout then 70px will be “missing” and for this reason, part of the creative (on the sides) won’t be visible.



In addition to this, please keep in mind that there are safezones which need to be complied with.

Ideally, the “key message” should be placed within “Zone A” on either side: www.adnami.io/creative-validation-image-skin

Generally speaking, Adnami doesn’t recommend delivering a wallpaper which is blank in the middle. In stead, please deliver a “whole” wallpaper.

If the creative materiale follows the aforementioned guidelines then you’ll be able to share a 930x180 top banner (which can also be used to run on other sites which have different content widths).

Fluid Skin

In terms of appearance a “Fluid Skin” looks very similar to an “Image Skin”. However the creative materiale used to create each skin is different; Fluid Skins are based on responsive HTML (responsive meaning; the creative will scale and adjust itself accordingly depending on the size of the browser window). If the HTML has been coded appropriately then cutout widths won’t matter and will not be something you’ll need to consider.

Fluid Skin specs


Please note: the width of the topbanner shouldn’t be coded to a specific size, such as 930px. The height can be fixed to 180px (in Denmark), however the width should be coded to 100%. Like the side panels, the top banner will then scale and adjust itself correctly according to the site. As a result the skin will have an appropriate look regardless of whether the it’s being implemented on tv2.dk, ekstrabladet.dk, politiken.dk etc.