Creative Validation Tool

Adnami Image Skin

1) Upload your image file for Image Skin. Note that the creative for Image Skin should have the following size-dimension: 2560x1440.

Please note:
Only the content on the left and right-hand side of the creative will be visible. The top will not be visible as this area will be covered with a top banner.

In addition, the content in the middle (illustrated in dark grey) will not be visible either, as the content from the webpage will be placed here. For more information regarding our specs for Image Skin.

Thirdly, the key messages (text, logo's, CTA's or anything else if importance) need to be placed within Zone A. The sizes of the rectangles on either side are approximately: 450px x 1088px. Finally, although the area in both the middle and top of the creative won't be visible, we still advise to deliver a "whole" creative which isn't blank in the middle or at the top. This is due to the fact that different webpages have different content widths.